Taras Dzyubanskyy

Founder, Libertas Center for Interreligious and Interconfessional Understanding


Breakout Session: Youth Participation for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies: the Crucial Role of Partnerships Across Generations and Sectors
27 April

Taras Dzyubanskyy holds a B.A. in Philosophy and a PhD in Theology and Interreligious Dialogue. Since 2012, Taras has been working as an adviser for religious and ecumenical issues to the Mayor of Lviv, Ukraine. In 2013, he inaugurated the interfaith center “Libertas” in Ukraine. Taras has been awarded with several distinctions related to his innovative approach and commitment on interfaith dialogue and social issues. Author of three books, he believes that people of different faiths have a lot to offer to humanity through their religious experiences and traditions which are an invaluable source of wisdom, prudence, love and respect.

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